The most important part of throwing a party is making sure that it goes off perfectly. Most of the time it's the little things you don't think of that become the biggest problems or concerns. And why should you be working during your party? You're supposed to be enjoying your guests, so contact us and stay in the fun!

Serving Alcohol

Certified Mixologists to just Servers. We have you covered for whatever your needs could be. Your guests will be sure to love our staff!


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Nothing beats having someone there to take coats, grab an order from your bar, or just help the guests around the venue.

Private Chefs

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No matter how many guests you have they will be sure to love the food from our private chef's. Sushi to All American. We can take care of you.

Generate Atmosphere

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Want to ensure your guests have some new friendly faces? Our staff will be sure to mingle and enhance the natural atmosphere of the party.


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Need some extra laughs? Solo guitar riff? Maybe a magician or juggling act? Lets get a little side act going at your next party and make it extra memorable.


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What better way to ensure all those moments get remembered than have staff there doing exactly that. Our professional team can make sure those moments are captured.


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Sometimes you just need to make sure only those invited are the ones partying. Or maybe you just want to keep the invited from being uninvited next time! We can provide any level of security that you need! We can ensure they aren't noticed or that they stand out for a solid deterrent. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry!

Don't Wait to Contact Us!

The holiday and auto show season is here! We are booking up fast so reach out today to discuss your upcoming event!

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