Learn a little more about this All-American & Canadian Family

No one out-works or outdoes us. 

We are a family run operation just outside of Metro Detroit, Michigan in the good ole' USA. We are proud and thankful that you have come to us and couldn't be more excited to help you.

Chris - President

Christopher Kamyszek, Chris K photo, CK Marketing group

Chris spent over a decade in the United States Air Force performing duties including: Nuclear Weapons Specialist, Special Missions Aviator and Executive Management. Being medically retired in 2014 Chris has held roles in the civilian market including General Manager, Business Operations Manager, Regional Manager and Logistics Manager. 

Expanding on his careers and interests, Chris has also been a photographer for over 14 years. Having traveled all over the country has allowed him to network with professionals now branching across the globe. 

This not only has helped him grow professionally but also create a massive web of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals.

Kimberly - Vice-President

Kimberly Kamyszek, CK Marketing group, Kimberly Matte, Kimberly Matte Modeling, Kim Matte

Kimberly has been growing her modeling/marketing network for over 20 years. Getting into modeling/acting before she even turned 10 has given her decades of networking with the best professionals in the industry. She brings an unrivaled passion for modeling, marketing and acting. 

Working for numerous mainstream companies as well as starring on hit shows: HBO's The Kennedy's, Canada's The Dragon's Den and starring in many Budweiser NFL Super Bowl Halftime commercials. 

Becoming an instant hit with anyone she works with Kimberly is known to be the hardest working person in the room.

Alexander - Social Media Manager

Alexander Matte, Chris K photo, CK Marketing group

Alexander has spent the last few years honing his innate ability at managing all aspects of social media. Being part of the new generation has put him in the middle of the social media boom. Being on the inside has allowed him to see the "how and why" of users interacting with social media. Let's face it. The Myspace generation is behind.

Shadowing some of the biggest players in the Social Media Management game over the past two years comes with it's advantages. Alexander has picked up on some of the newest tools and trends before they become mainstream.

Beyond Social Media he spends his time sharpening his music skills. Producing and playing are some of the many hobbies while offline.