Social Media Management and Event Staffing Solutions

The beginning of setting yourself apart starts here.

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Social Media

Content Creation

Years of experience in the market has given us insight into what users are looking for when browsing social media. If you want to be seen and remembered, start here.

Instagram Boom!

We call it boom! because that's exactly what happens. Explosive growth. With our tool sets we have access to on demand analytics to plug your content in at the right time to get you...boom!

Lead Generation

Need to get a brand message out to the masses or promote that new hit single? Or your service industry needs some new fresh and interested clients to call? We know how to get those juices leads at a fraction of the cost.

Social Media Consulting

There are times where you just don't know what to do in this massive web of social mumbo jumbo. We are on tap to get you back on track.

Social Media Management

Ensure that your time is spent where it counts; making money and growing your business. We handle all aspects of social media management/growing your social media accounts.


Event/Trade Show Staffing

Event Staffing finally done right. We recruit top talent to ensure we put the best people with the right clients.

Private Parties

Sometimes you just need great staff for  passing out hors d'oeuvre or serving at the bar. We are here to provide trained, licensed, and smiling faces.

Promotional Models

What better way to showcase new products or services than utilizing one of our brand ambassadors.


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